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The Best of Buenos Aires

The Best Boutique Hotel: The Home Hotel

This boutique hotel found in Palermo Hollywood is perfectly named. Owners Tom & Patricia’s genuine kindness and hospitality has trickled down through their staff. The hotels rooms are perfectly styled and casually chic. The bathrooms are large and they even will lend you a curling or flat iron! The drinks at the bar are amazing, think green apple with a dash of basil, during happy hour you’ll find the hottest heads in town, possibly some celebs like Bono grooving to the tunes of the in house DJ. When partying has taken it’s toll, head to the intimate spa for some relaxation and rejuvenation. And don’t be surprised if you receive the best massage of your life as owner, Patricia sets the spa bar high by looking to Asia for inspiration.

The Best Unique Store: Ateneo Book Store

This grand theater turned bookstore is something to see. You’ll be amazed by the books, DVD’s and other odds and ends lining every inch of this magnificent building. The stage has even transformed into a coffee and pastry shop. This place will have you saying “Starbucks who?”.

The Best Tango Show: Faena “Rojo Tango Show”

Tango is the national dance of Buenos Aires and no one showcases it better than the Faena Hotel & Universe. With the high priced ticket, you’ll receive transfers to and from the Faena Hotel (mainly b/c it’s in East Bumf%*k), a delicious dinner and bottomless champagne and wine. Once your belly and your glass is full, the house tango dancers, singers and band take you on a journey through the most passionate and dramatic of all dances, the tango.

The Best Local Sporting Event: Football in La Boca Stadium

Football (soccer to those in the US) is the national pastime of Portenos. Ask which team they prefer and they all will answer differently, yet somehow with the same reasons for hating the opposing team. Getting into the La Boca stadium during a home game is an experience in itself. These fans are crazy, but not crazy about tourists. So, if English is your only language, keep your trap shut until you’re inside the stadium walls. Then buy a t-shirt for 30 pesos ( about $10US) and enjoy the chanting, hollering and of course those South American cheerleaders!

Interesting Fact: Coca Cola sponsors the La Boca stadium. Since La Boca’s rival team’s colors are red & white, Coke had to change their colors to black & white for the stadium!

The Best Lunch Spot: Bar 6

The hippest lunch spot in town is Bar 6. If you’re lucky you’ll get to dine at one of casual couch tables with mismatched chairs. The food is simple yet delicious. With options like brown rice and stir fried vegetables even the visiting vegetarians will go home happy!

The Best Place to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth: Florencio

Located in Recoleta, this tiny hole in the wall pastry shop is to die for! With only four tables, two of which are outside, this pastry shops delivers up the best sweets in the city. With apple pie, dolce de leche chocolate cake and Illy coffee, you’ll probably find yourself here more than once.

The Best Hidden Dinner: Casa Felix

When you need a break from the Argentine beef, head to Casa Felix. Diego Felix stumbled upon something spectacular with his “Chef House” concept. Three nights per week chef Diego Felix opens his home to a dozen diners at 9:30pm. He gives a tour of his home, his kitchen and his girlfriend-the herb garden. Chef Felix’s menu changes weekly and is dependent on what’s in season and fresh. He pairs each meal with the perfect wine. The cost is so reasonable you’ll find yourself telling him to raises his prices!

The Best Dinner w/ a Scene: Casa Cruz

If you’re looking for the who’s who of BsAs, look no further than the tables of Casa Cruz. As you pass through the velvet curtains into the dark, give your name and take a seat on the plush leather couches that surround the oval shaped bar until your table is called. Enjoy a martini, glass of bubbly or browse the extensive wine menu. The food is delicious however, the staff is apparently aware of the restaurants social status and the servers can feel a bit snobbish.

The Best Local Bar: Ocho-7-Ocho

This spot is so in the know that some locals may not even be able to point you in the direction of this hot spot. 878 is a truly hidden bar. When you arrive, you’ll think you have the wrong address. Just ring the doorbell and wait for the tall wooden doors to part. If you look up to par, you’ll be invited into the underground scene of BsAs. The bar itself is simple in decor, but boasts the largest variety of libations in the city.

The Best Dance Till 6am Club: Crobar

The South American sister club to the NYC & Miami hot spots is the top party headquarters in BsAs. Our suggestion is to avoid the velvet ropes and book a VIP table. It’ll cost you about 450 USD including about 300 USD in alcohol. This gets you in quickly and above the crazy mess with a booth overlooking the dance floor. Just be warned that the no one arrives until 3am and they stay till the sun comes up at 6:30am!


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