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Group Tours Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of the most interesting countries to visit because of the complete diversity of travel options Australia offers, and Sydney is the key city of Australia. Arranging for a group tour of this enchanting city is one of the means that yields the best chance of seeing everything you should see.

First, you will encounter the famous Sydney Harbor with its signature Sydney Opera House that is architecturally shaped like an opening seashell. The inside is as remarkable as the outside, and well worth a visit. If you are extremely fortunate, you’ll attend one of the world-renowned operas, or take part in special backstage tours.

You’ll be thoroughly amazed by the Sydney Harbor Bridge that runs along the Sydney Opera House. In the evening, you may wish to take a romantic dinner cruise along the moonlit water.

For the daredevils in your group, be sure and arrange a very thrilling Sydney Tower Skywalk. Groups of visitors will be dressed in protective clothing and be well safety harnessed. They will then be directed 880 feet above the city, all the while being thrilled by the many overhanging glass-floored platforms. If terra firma is more your speed, you’ll thoroughly enjoy lunching at the top of the Sydney Tower as you “safely” examine the breathtaking views of the city from this unique revolving restaurant.

Bondi Beach is an attraction that should not be missed, as Bondi is not only breathtaking but is home to many surfing clubs as well. It features many hotels, restaurants and cafes, and the nightlife is renowned.

Tarongo Zoo promises to be a stop you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Filled with not only the animals that represent Australia, there is even a Great Southern Oceans exhibit that contains a myriad of seals, penguins and pelicans living in simulated natural habitats.

Ghost tour of historic Sydney will have you shivering as you hear and visit the “darker” side of Sydney. Among the sites you’ll visit are The Rocks area, with its cobble stoned streets and often-lurid past, the Rocks ‘Dead House’, as well as visit a haunted house site that was built in 1822. This site still harbors a female apparition, who haunts the area regularly.

The Blue Mountains seen as a group tour will astound you with the beauty of this idyllic scenery as well as affording you true Australian experiences such as playing a musical instrument called a didgeridoo, or studying the actual wildlife habits of penguins, kangaroos, dingoes and wombats.

For a wondrous investigatory trip hop a tourist bus and view portions of the outback. There are many group tours leaving from Sydney.

The best part of seeing Sydney as a group is being able to share the experiences as well as talking about each occurrence and gleaning what the others learned about each site. The “buzz” created by experiences such as the Sydney Tower Skywalk alone will fill hours of intimate sharing. You will find that Sydney, Australia is not only exciting but truly highly educational as well.


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